Common Problems Affecting Low Quality Beachfront Homes You Should Watch Out For

For many people, buying waterfront property can be very tricky. The fact that such property is located close to the water means that it tends to be in very high demand, and you can expect that the prices might be very high in some cases. However, it’s also possible to spend a lot of money on the property, and then find out that you have to spend more on repairs.

This is particularly so if the previous owner was not able to maintain the house in a decent state. This means that when you are shopping for waterfront property you can buy, you need to be very keen on how you go about it to avoid unknowingly finding yourself in such a position.

By far, the best way to do this is by shopping using the help of a high quality realty service. Real estate agents who have a good reputation and who have been working for a long time tend to have much higher standards than the rest. This means that when you ask them for this service, they are likely to be in a better position to give you truthful information about each property they direct you to. They are also more likely to be critical of the properties they promote, avoiding the ones that might be problematic. By working with them, you can afford to have more peace of mind during the process.

However, it’s still important that you also have an eye for some of the problems that might afflict this type of property. When you decide to go and inspect a potential house before buying it, you should have an idea of some of the things that are likely to be wrong, so that you can check for them. In the context of waterfront property, some of these include:

Warped or stained floors

Common Problems Affecting Low Quality Beachfront Homes You Should Watch Out For Luxury Home & Condo | Marco Island

The presence of too much moisture in the air could lead to absorption of the water by wooden floors. This would then result in staining and warping. It might cost you a pretty penny to fix this, particularly if the problem is extensive and most of the home’s flooring is made of wood. When you are seriously thinking about buying beachfront property, always take a walk in it and examine the state of the floor. You can even call in an inspector to determine how much it would cost you to replace the floor if this is needed. You can think of this as an addition to the cost of owning the home.

The presence of mold

In addition to that, you also need to watch out for mold. There are many waterfront properties that are usually very humid, providing the perfect environment for the growth of mold. When a property is not well taken care of, this problem can be so severe that living in such an environment could pose a health risk to your life. This is particularly so if you have a medical conditions such as a chronic disease that reduces your immunity.

If you notice a musty smell in such a home, it’s always wise to get a mold inspector to check it to find out what the degree of the problem is. They can also give you an idea of what it will take to remove the mold and keep the home mold free. If you are satisfied that you will be able to get rid of the mold, then you can go ahead and buy the home.

Structural damage to the house

The structure can be damaged in various ways. For one, the fact that the water table in such a property might be very shallow means that water could seep from underground and then react with the concrete and other materials in the structure. As a result, you may notice issues such as cracks in the walls and the floor of such a home.

Damage to the foundation is a problem that you should particularly be wary of. It can be very technical and expensive to fix, and should not be attempted unless you are sure that you can go through with it. Once again, a high quality home inspector will come in handy in giving you advice regarding this. They can inspect the basement to find out how much it has been damaged, and then give you an overview of how much it will cost to have it fixed.

Structural damage can also be done by high winds and freak weather. Signs of this include signs of patchy repair on the exterior of the home, as well as evidence of replacement of glass panels.

In summary, these are some of the points you should be looking out for when inspecting a beachfront home before making a bid to buy it. Working with a reliable relator means that doing all the above will be easy, since you will not find any problems at all.


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