Purchase Paradise with an IRA

Purchase Paradise with an IRA   Luxury Home & Condo | Marco Island

There are specific laws and regulations that need to be followed if you are planning on purchasing a property with an IRA. Here are the main guidelines:

  • Must be a business property (i.e. property must be a rental property)
  • Must be purchased with cash
  • Must be purchased and administered by a third party custodian
  • May not be used by you. However, you may take deductible trips to check up on it.

You pay cash for a property, the IRA collects rents, and you get to enjoy the benefit of appreciation tax free. Many people use it to buy a second or retirement home to lock in the price and do a withdrawal of the property from the IRA when they reach age 59 1/2 or beyond.

Why buy Real Estate with an IRA

Purchasing Marco Island real estate with a Roth or other IRA can be a good long-term investment. Historically, real estate has generally been a good investment for people in The United States. When you hold Marco Island real estate under an IRA you will get additional income from the rents you collect. If you purchased the property without a mortgage, all of your rental income will be completely tax free. Investing in real estate with an IRA allows you to control your investment, instead of being forced to follow the dictations of the market.

You can purchase any of our beachfront, waterfront, inland, water direct, and water indirect real estate properties with a Roth IRA, and turn your vacation home into an incredible investment. You can grow tax-free when you invest in real estate and also receive extra tax-free income. In our current economy, it is essential to save for retirement. However, it can also be quite difficult to do this. Use the money you earn from your real estate investment on Marco Island towards retirement or other important long-term savings like college, mortgages, or car payments.

Invest in Marco Island real estate and rent it to other travelers who are looking for an excellent location to stay in Florida. People typically prefer to stay in a vacation house or condo over a hotel, which means there will be more than enough potential renters who want to stay in your property. Investing in real estate with an IRA will financially benefit both you and the tenants of your vacation home on Marco Island.

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