The Preliminary Steps In Getting Your Condo Ready For Sale

Preparing condos for sale in Marco Island, FL is not as easy as it seems as a lot of homeowners would tell you. However, the following steps can be helpful when it comes to preparing condos for sale, whether in Marco Island, FL or anywhere in the country.


The Preliminary Steps In Getting Your Condo Ready For Sale Luxury Home & Condo | Marco Island

De-cluttering is the first and probably the hardest step in getting a house ready for a sale. In simple terms, it is not as easy to get rid of excess stuff as some people would think as most of them are emotionally attached to them. Let’s face it, we all tend to fill our homes with as much stuff as we can, sometimes to overflowing levels. But whether it is neat or messy clutter, if it is too much, it has to be removed so that potential buyers can be able to focus on how they would use the space once they move in.

When a condo is listed for sale, the seller wants to wow the potential buyers the best way they can so that they can see themselves living in there. The seller has to make the buyer want to live there. To achieve this, there should be only enough stuff so that the seller can see how to use the space. The focus should never be on your stuff but on the condo itself. After all, you are selling the condo and not the stuff in it!

Can you accomplish the de-cluttering task by yourself?

De-cluttering step to some home sellers is so difficult that it sometimes stops before getting started. However, to be successful, the house seller simply needs to accept that it is all right to ask for help from friends and family members. If this help is not forthcoming, then the best course of action is to hire an expert to assist. A good realtor should be asked for recommendation.

Sometimes the reason a condo is being sold is because the owner is relocating to a new town or he has run out of space in the current condo. If a home is overflowing with stuff and people, the owner may decide to put on sale and buy a new one with more space to accommodate everything he owns. If the stuff in your home need to be temporary stored so as to create more room in the condo being sold, it is recommended that you rent storage space in a nearby storage facility.

Renting a POD is a great solution if you are planning to take most of everything with you. You simply load all the excess stuff into a POD and take it away into the storage facility. The POD is then delivered back to you when you are ready for the stuff stuffed in it.

Planning to downsize?

De-cluttering is certainly the longest and hardest part of the process of getting a condo ready for sale. This is process is particularly harder if you are planning to downsize. This is because you have lived in your condo for a long time, meaning that the things in it are mostly associated with many memories over the years. The best way around this predicament is to share some of the treasured treasures with people that are dear to you.

When it comes to sorting out these treasures, a good place to start is going through your things, and then selecting what you need to keep and then giving the rest away to close family members and friends. Donate others to a worthy cause if you can. If this is not applicable, then have an estate sale.

Fix-ups, updating and painting

This is another valuable step in preparing a condo for sale. Once you have de-cluttered, meaning that you have gotten rid of your excess stuff, it is now time to move to the next step – fix-ups, updating and painting. You will discover a number of things that need fixing you didn’t know existed prior to having your stuff cleared out.

How do you go about making changes?

To start with, have a home inspector come to your place and inspect it before putting it out for sale. You will be surprised by the number of things that turn up in this inspection and that all need fixing before the sale. As most cities require a carbon monoxide alarm within ten feet of very legal sleeping space, it is now the right time to have this taken care of as well.

Before the inspection, it is recommended that the condo owner make a ‘to do’ list so that everything that need to be taken care of is included. The ceiling, corners, windows, walls, floors, coverings, plumbing, closets, doors, light fixtures, etc, all need to be inspected during the inspection.

For best results, the condo owner should visualize himself seeing each room for the first time and noting what stands out. All those things that needed being fixed when you first moved in but never got around it need to be taken care of now. Simply put, make the rooms, especially the bathrooms and kitchens, as inviting as possible to quickly sell the condo in Marco Island, FL.


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