The Top 10 Things to Do in Marco Island 2017

It is 2017 and buying a waterfront home in Marco Island, you probably be wondering about the engagements at the island. Here are the 10 must-to-do things in Marco Island in this year.

1. Cape Romano: Located at the southern tip of Marco Island, Cape Romano is known for abandoned residential quarters that were once constructed by oil producer. These quarters give hope to the life which is reflected by the fishing pattern of the locals at domes. Open to sky and near the horizon, Cape Horizon brings the stars very close to you.

2. Mangrove Maniacs: Mangrove Maniacs is known for fishing round the year due to influx of number of rivers in the Gulf of Mexico. Water boats are available for trips giving you an opportunity to see wildlife.

3. Marco Island Historical Museum: This historical museum may provide a good amount of knowledge for your children. It includes some exhibits of Calusa Indians, replica of their village and throws some light on the schedule of the extinct civilization. It is a world class tourist destination that has proofs of a village that once had the knowledge of explosive development.

4. Marco Murder and Mayhem: This destination is for the ghost lovers and fans who wish to feel the chills down the spine. The tour is of couple of hours that includes visit to different haunted sites. Martha Horror, who hosts the tour, starts the tour with beverages served in hotel Olde Marco Inn. The guide shares frightening tales to the people.

5. Scuba Marco: If you love scuba diving, then Scuba Marco is the best resort for you. It provides diving lessons and certifications. For real life experience, the diving session ranges from 90-minutes playing in a pool to long hours in the bay. Don’t worry about bringing anything with you. The store gives all the amenities required for the session.

6. Briggs Nature Centre: The best place for nature lovers. It features 3.5 miles of walk way that allows guests to explore the various habitats. Other than the broadway, the trail offers view to the wildlife like bald eagle, snakes and bob-cats.

7. Isles of Capri Paddle Craft Park: Paddling boats and Kayaks are only allowed in this water park. You can take it as advice in a direction to keep the environment healthy for us and animals. To launch a paddle boat, the tourist has to pay a small amount of fees and can spot dolphins and other animals.

8. Keewaydin Island: Located at the coast of Naples, this barrier island is a niche to wild boar, bobcat, iguanas and gopher tortoise. Keeping it quite natural there are no roadways, no cars and expressways. To visit this island the user must rent a boat.

9. Otter Mound Preserve: This natural park is located at the Indian Hills of the Marco Island. It consists of tropical hardwood trees in approximately 2.5 acres of the land. Here you can sit and enjoy the natural beauty analyzing the natural surroundings and the history it reveals.

10. Sand Dollar Shelling: It is a tour company that organizes trips around the secluded islands which are the home to unexplored marine biodiversity. In addition to sightseeing tours, the company provides charted fishing trips to add more leisure to your schedule.

The marine diversity and easy access to the beaches and national parks adds spice. Be it water adventurer or nature’s admirer, Marco Island has space to all individuals who have different interests.


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